Dear Joel,

Below, please find the letter I wrote to our property management company here at Lakewood Trails.  As I mentioned to you when we first met, I want them to know about your services and our customer satisfaction.  Thank you again for your attention to detail and your expert service.

- Mary

Dear Bill -

Two neighbors and myself contacted Illinois Window Service after seeing the announcement on the Lakewood Trails  website.  All three of us had our transom windows on our sliding glass doors replaced.  This is not a part of the Silverline package, therefore, no warranty.  The glass in the transoms was installed with no sealant, thus causing leakage and condensation.  This  is common throughout the duplex style home (single family do not have the transom window).  Major error on the part of Lakewood Homes.

My purpose for writing you is to inform you and Lakewood Trails homeowners  that Joel De La Cruz, Owner of Illinois Window Service is a very reputable, professional, and courteous businessman.  His expertise is without  question  and all homeowners were 100% satisfied with his installation and services.
One of my Silverline windows had a defective seal in the glass and that  was  replaced at no charge or labor.  It goes without saying, I will use Joel's services again for any window issues I may have.

Thank you for posting his information online.


- Mary
Thank You Mary !